Who Am I ?

In the age we are living in ,  People need true and living hero’s sent by the almighty to build and uplift the people spirit.  If I had to describe myself I would say I’m Diligent, loyal and dedicated.  My Objectives are To create work people can appreciate and learn from. As a screenwriter I create Films people can relate to. As a Author I consider myself a mix between Charles Dickens and Donald Goines. Today most commercial artist in the Industry lack creativity and that’s why most have no longevity. They come and go, I Try to Inspire people to be more creative because there Is always something new under the Sun, You just have to look for it. To sum it up , when u see my name u will understand I am change, we are change. No gimmick , no act.  I write true and living. Whether its music, books, screenplays, and lyrics , I speak on what I live or lived.  My Name is King Author 3rd, I grew up in Brooklyn New York . I’m a published author.  Since then I’ve been on a Campaign to wake our brothers and sisters out of their deep slumber. To spread the word of Love and Loyalty to every person I come across. I look forward to hearing from you as we exchange views and enlighten one and other.


15 thoughts on “Who Am I ?

  1. Hi I’m a 10 yr old girl studying Illuminati for school, as part of my project I have to make contact with someone re the subject. I was wondering if I could possibly interview you somehow? I found you when I cross referenced “Illuminat/University Of Wollongong” Thank You, Maggie.


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