WATCH: Pat Buchanan: Chemical Attack ” Reeks False Flag Operation”

August 31, 2013

During an interview with Newsmax Thursday, three-time presidential adviser Pat Buchanan joined the growing number of mainstream voices now specifically labeling the recent chemical attacks in Syria as a false flag.

“…First, this thing reeks of a false flag operation,” said Buchanan. “I would not understand or comprehend that Bashar al-Assad, no matter how bad a man he may be, would be so stupid as to order a chemical weapons attack on civilians in his own country when the immediate consequence of which might be that he would be at war with the United States. So this reeks of a false flag operation.”

See the video below:

Throughout the course of the Syrian conflict, the Obama administration and its western allies have continually failed at their attempts to bring down the Assad government. Despite the administration’s claims of an “undeniable” Assad chemical attack, US officials have continued to cast doubt on the evidence.

Evidence pointing to a rebel-backed false flag chemical attack to blame Assad has continued to pile up as public approval for a Syrian intervention crumbles. Not only did the British parliament vote down the Cameron government’s attempts to intervene militarily, A Reuters poll from earlier this week found that 91 percent of Americans oppose military air strikes.

Just last Thursday, Al-Qaeda-backed Syrian rebels admitted to Associated Press correspondent Dale Gavlak that they had carried out the chemical attacks after being supplied the weapons from Saudi Arabia. The information backs up comments made by Syria’s deputy foreign minister as well as multiple YouTube videos showing the US funded rebels launching chemical attacks with “Saudi factory” labeled weapons.

Ron Paul’s statement calling the chemical attacks a false flag while on Fox News last Wednesday has seemingly opened the flood gates for other journalists to come forward with their similar findings. During an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News Friday, photojournalist Jonathan Alpeyrie, who was kidnapped and held captive by Syrian rebels for 81 days last April, said he also believed the recent chemical attack was a rebel backed false flag operation.

This coincides with the fact that Obama is now publicly on the same side as Al-Qaeda, as Anthony Gucciardi has broken down:

While the mainstream media has ridiculed and almost completely ignored the historical reality of false flag operations, prominent voices within the alternative news have been incremental in forcing the term into the public narrative by presenting documented examples of state-sponsored terror. The power structure has now admittedly begun to panic from what they themselves have deemed the “global political awakening.”



READ: PM: Syria’s Army has “Finger On Trigger” FRONT PAGE

Al Arabiya

Syria’s army is ready for potential foreign strikes against it and has its “finger on the trigger,” Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said in comments carried Saturday on state television, Agence France-Presse reported.

“The Syrian army is fully ready, its finger on the trigger to face any challenge or scenario that they want to carry out,” AFP quoted him as saying in a written statement aired on television.

Only hours after U.N. inspectors left the country after investigating the aftermath of suspected chemical weapons attacks said to be perpetrated by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, a security official said on Saturday that Syria Syria is expecting a military strike “at any moment.”

“We are expecting an attack at any moment. We are ready to retaliate at any moment,” an unnamed Syrian security official told AFP news agency.

The departure of the U.N. inspectors has given the United States an opportunity to carry out a military strike, after President Barack Obama on Friday indicated that military intervention was pending.

The U.S. president said that his administration was looking at the possibility of a “limited, narrow act,” while emphasizing that no final decision had yet been made on possible military strikes against the Syrian regime.


READ: Obama’s Syria Attack: The Health Of The Military Industrial Complex
August 31, 2013

Following twin war drum speeches by Secretary of State John Kerry and Obama on Friday, the corporate media, led by the traditional master of war propaganda, the New York Times, speculated that the United States might not attack Syria if it can’t nail down support.

“Deprived of the support of Britain, America’s most stalwart wartime ally, the Obama administration scrambled behind the scenes to build international support elsewhere for a strike that might begin as early as this weekend,” the Time reports. “Officials were still holding out hope that at least one Arab country might publicly join the military coalition.”

One Arab nation? How pathetic. None of this matters because so-called partners, consensus and the “need to establish American credibility” has little to do with the drive to bomb Syria.

Bombing Syria — or any other country — is about business: the prospect of bombs over Damascus is about profits for the military-industrial complex. It is about transnational corporations and international banks that stand to gain both obscene profits and unprecedented political power in a geopolitical chess game.

If you doubt this, check out the graphs below. They reveal something not broadcast on the front page of the New York Times: wars and rumors of war drive the markets.

Death merchant Raytheon’s stock price to a 52-week high this week.

Death merchant Raytheon’s stock price went to a 52-week high this week.

Lockheed Martin saw its stock spike to a six month high on Monday, the day war propaganda started up in earnest.

Lockheed Martin saw its stock spike to a six month high on Monday, the day war propaganda started up in earnest.

During the Napoleonic Wars, the banker Nathan Mayer Rothschild was instrumental in financing the British war effort. He not only organized the shipment of bullion to the Duke of Wellington’s armies scattered across Europe, he also received and used to his advantage political and financial information denied his competitors. Rothschild famously exploited news of England’s victory over Napoleon at Waterloo to manipulate the markets and bought up the bond market after the war.

It’s no different now. Corporations and banks — far more powerful today than in Nathan Mayer Rothschild’s day — invariably drive the United States government to war. Speeches by the blue blood John Kerry Heinz and the teleprompter reader Obama who was carefully groomed by the CIA to be the first black president — and thus more teflon coated than Ronald Reagan — are minor players.


WATCH: BOMBSHELL!!!: Kerry Caught Using fake photos to fuel the Syrian War

“Many friends stand ready to respond”

August 30, 2013

Secretary of State John Kerry opened his speech Friday by describing the horrors victims of the chemical weapon attack suffered, including twitching, spasms and difficulty breathing.

Photo: TheMuslim.Org

Photo: TheMuslim.Org

Attempting to drive the point home, Kerry referenced a photograph used by the BBC illustrating a child jumping over hundreds of dead bodies covered in white shrouds. The photo was meant to depict victims who allegedly succumbed to the effects of chemical weapons via Assad’s regime.

However, it was later exposed the photograph used had been taken in 2003 in Iraq.  It was not related to Syrian deaths whatsoever and was later retracted.

The Secretary of State announced the US will continue “negotiations” with Congress and the American people.

The decision came after UK Parliament voted no to military action against Syria Thursday evening, refusing to accompany the US in a missile strike against the Middle Eastern nation.

Germany also voiced their opposition to Syria military intervention saying they have “not considered it” and “will not be considering it.”

France, however, released statements saying they intend to act alongside the US in an attempt to “punish” Syria for the alleged chemical weapons attack.

Despite numerous allies’ refusal to get involved, Kerry argued “Many friends stand ready to respond.”

Kerry alleged that not just one, but several chemical weapon attacks have occurred. The attack last week in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta killed 1,429 Syrians, including 426 children. However,Infowars reveals that the “international aid group Doctors Without Borders reported 355 people were killed in the attack last week, not the wildly exaggerated figure cited by Kerry.”

The Secretary of State said the US government has “high confidence” Assad carried out the attack, affirming military intervention would be “common sense.”

He referred to the attack as an “indiscriminate, unconscious and horrific act,” claiming a Syrian senior regime official admitted responsibility. However, he offered no hard evidence backing this claim.

While Kerry blamed Syria for blocking and delaying the UN chemical weapons investigation, an Infowars report revealed the “Obama administration told UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon that ‘there wasn’t adequate security for the U.N. inspectors to visit the affected areas to conduct their mission,’ a clear warning (or a blatant threat) that inspectors should pull out entirely.”

“Even when Syria allowed UN inspectors to enter the affected region, the Obama administration responded that it was ‘too late,’ and that the evidence could have been destroyed,” reported Infowars.

Unsurprisingly, Kerry failed to mention US’s true position of funding the Syrian rebels, leaving the uninformed public incompetent to form an accurate opinion.

The good news is for the first time in over two hundred years a “British Prime Minister lost a vote on war since 1782, when Parliament effectively conceded American independence by voting against further fighting to crush the colony’s rebellion,” reported Reuters.