Free Speech on Trial: IRS v. Hendrickson

THE SHOCKING TRUTH THE IRS DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW: The limited nature of the ‘income’ tax…

Buried in Supreme Court rulings, legal minutia, tax code jargon, and the minutes from Congressional hearings is the truth that the what is commonly referred to as the income tax is meant to be a simple excise tax levied on those benefiting in some way from a federal privilege.

This means that government workers and office-holders, federal reserve bankers, subsidy recipients, investors in federal corporations, and any other person benefiting from the profitable exercise of federal privilege were meant to pay the tax, NOT independent hard-working American citizens.


“…in Spinger v. U. S., 102 W.U. 568 (1880), it was held that [the] tax upon gains, profits, and income was an excise tax or duty, and not a direct tax, within the meaning of the constitution, and that its imposition was not, therefore, unconstitutional.” – United States Supreme Court, Pollock v. Farmer’s Loan & Trust, 158 U.S. 601 (1895)

“…taxation on income was in its nature an excise entitled to be enforces as such,” United States Supreme Court, Brushaber v. Union Pacific R. Co., 240 U.S. 1 (1916), quoting and reiterating language used in its ruling in Pollock v. Farmer’s Loan and Trust


“The provisions of the Sixteenth Amendment conferred no new power of taxation…” – Stanton vs. Baltic Mining Co., 240 U.S. 103 (1916)

“The Sixteenth Amendment, although referred to in argument, has no real bearing and may be put out of view. As pointed out in recent decisions, it does not extend the taxing power to new or excepted subjects…” – Peck vs. Lowe, 247 U.S. 165 (1918)

“The income tax is, therefore, not a tax on income as such. It is an excise tax with respect to certain activities and privileges which is measured by reference to the income which they produce. The income is not the subject of the tax: it is the basis for determining the amount of tax.”
–F. Morse Hubbard, Treasury Dept legislative draftsman. House Congressional Record, March 27, 1943

These findings, along with other research meticulously gathered by Pete Hendrickson and presented in Cracking the Code, outline the limited nature of the income tax. This information, if truly understood and effectuated by the American public, could limit government faster than any electoral result or any half-baked reform scheme coming out of Washington D.C.

In ‘Free Speech on Trial,’ you will see the lengths to which the minions of the corrupt federal system will stoop to tread upon the rights of freedom-loving Americans and keep their illicit scam under wraps.

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The Biggest Lie The Devil Ever Told?

Pleiadian propaganda, alien anti-christ, media manipulation, Illuminati lies and historical deceptions explored.
In this video, I pose many questions. I am hoping to hear your thoughts, as there is plenty to consider here.Pleiadian propaganda, alien anti-christ, media manipulation, Illuminati lies and historical deceptions explored.
In this video, I pose many questions. I am hoping to hear your thoughts, as there is plenty to consider here.

Michael Jordan: The Nike Prison Industrial Complex Connection

America, that certain sector of American society, that is, cannot get enough of its addiction to slavery.

According to Global Research, March 31, 2014, contributor Vicky Palaez says “[Former] Oregon State Representative Kevin Mannix recently urged Nike to cut its production in Indonesia and bring it to his state, telling the shoe manufacturer that “there won’t be any transportation costs; we’re offering you competitive prison labor (here).”

In other words, the back message from Mannix to Nike is that ‘we’ can bring the jobs back to the United States now, where the labor is even cheaper than it is in Indonesia – and where workers will be treated even worse – legally.

Pretty good spin for a company that is selling cheaply-made foot hardware at a premium just because it has Michael Jordan’s permission to use his name on a label. Pretty good spin for a Black man whom many have begun to see as a contributory cause to something that is only expected of white men.

Palaez’s report, “The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?” revealed some very specific information that we have known for a long time – mostly Black and Hispanic persons in the United States of America have, situationally, become a new kind of slave in America.

And the pay they receive, at $20 – $30 per month (yes, PER MONTH) is just enough for them to argue that it’s certainly not “free” labor — they pay about 17-cents an hour. Just enough to bypass being called “Massa.”

Yeah, NIKE, do whatever you have to do to make yourself feel better about legal enslavement in a nation that outlawed it nearly 150 years ago.

Skirting the Constitution while making a killing in profits is a slippery slope, especially when the non-incarcerated counterparts of those Blacks and Hispanics are still dunking at more than a 10-percent rate of unemployment as of April 2014.

While prison industry labor booms, American unemployment for persons of color still stagnates. But at least we know what happened to the jobs.

It would make a lot more sense if these prisoner/slaves (the non-violent ones, of course) were paid to work off their fines, pay down their debt to society and have it count, and have enough left over for commissary for snacks, socks, and phone calls so that they aren’t making their mothers sacrifice $18 a pop for a 5-minute collect call; but…that would be too much like the ‘right’ thing to do and not the ‘white thing’ to do.

Yes, America continues to have a love affair with slavery.

The corporate plantation owners simply do not want to reconcile themselves to the fact that they are notentitled to free labor under ANY circumstances.

If they want entitlement to free labor, then their tax rate needs to be no less than 55-percent in order to help subsidize the people that they do not want to pay so their government can have their backs.

The movement of the money keeps corporations rolling in dough that never truly gets reinvested back into the American economy.

Yet, if they (‘they’ know who they are) had not been busy crashing out Blacks, Hispanics, and poor whites before they ran out of political toys to play with and made a wrong move on middle America, Barack Obama would likely never have become President.

If they were not addicted to slavery, the unemployment rates would be far lower than five-percent across the board. As a matter of fact, given those stats, the American economy should never have crashed in the first place.

But maybe they weren’t expecting the public backlash that led to Obama’s election.

Or some of them may have figured that the few who would squawk about it were easily quashed with media-driven ploys like “they are crazy,” “she is disgruntled,” “they’ll get over it,” and “he is just a conspiracy theorist.”

Complicit in this nouveau slavery are the following named companies:

  • IBM
  • Boeing
  • Motorola
  • Microsoft
  • AT&T Wireless
  • Texas Instrument
  • Dell
  • Compaq
  • Honeywell
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Nortel
  • Lucent Technologies
  • 3Com
  • Intel
  • Northern Telecom
  • TWA
  • Nordstrom’s
  • Revlon
  • Macy’s
  • Pierre Cardin
  • Target Stores, and the list goes on.

It comes as no surprise then that Mr. Mannix would make that statement to Nike, the major producers of shoes, clothing, sports gear, fan gear, and Kids’ Jordan.

Even though Michael Jordan is nothing more than a highly-paid meer-slave who only lends his name to a line of sports gear that he really does not ‘own’ own, there are more than a good shipload of Black people – particularly the young – who are influenced by the label that bears his name.

The prison industrial complex is bad enough, but when those who are in for non-violent offenses are forced to work for $20-$30 a month, yes, a MONTH, then something is gravely and insidiously evil about it. Add to that the fact that $300 million in annual profit margins surged to more than $2 Billion in short order and this country still bled jobs while the national deficit went up to trillions, something is amiss and the “conspiracy theorists” aren’t as far-fetched as some would have us to believe.

Now comes the piece de la resistance – Jordan, a man with a known reputation for having a ‘blinging nasty attitude’ overall, meets up with a (former?) fan who has his own fan base, Chamillionaire.

This prison-backing Black man who profits off the shoe market built mostly by Black men puts the icing on the ignoramus cake by telling that certain celebrity that he does not take pictures with “no niggers.”

Well, Mr. Ilikemike … The niggers giveth, and the niggers can certainly taketh away.

Burn baby Burn

Burn baby burn.

Insider Leaks Entire New World Order Agenda!


Glenn Canady


Note: This information is VERY important and should be shared on all social networks.  This is the agenda of the new world order and gives you a very detailed look at their evil plans.  If you are a truth warrior please friend me on Facebook so we can work together!


NWO Insider Reveals Entire NWO Plan in 1969!


This is amazing information from Dr. Lawrence Dunegan who was invited to attend a lecture by Dr. Richard Day in 1969. Dr. Day told this room of about 80-90 doctors all about the changes they would witness in their lifetime as a result of “The Order” or as we know it now as the New World Order or Illuminati. Dr Day told the doctors that he was free to speak at this time because everything was in place and nobody could stop them now!

Recording devices were not allowed in the room and taking notes was not allowed. Luckily, Dr. Dunegan had a near photographic memory and took good notes when he got home from the lecture. The notes stayed in his desk for 20 years until he pulled them out and decided to make audio tapes of the information in 1989.

Dr Day stated that he would be in real trouble if the information he was telling them got out to the general public. Was it a coincidence that Dr. Day died the same year that Dr. Dunegan began distributing this information on audio tapes in 1989?

After the lecture was completed, Dr. Day gave a hypnotic suggestion to the entire room that they would probably forget everything they heard today but would be ready for the coming changes. When Dr. Dunegan asked some of his friends that were in the room what they thought of the lecture a few weeks later, none of them could tell them what it was about!




Here are just some of the topics covered in this video created from Dr. Dunegan’s audio tapes about the plans of the new world order.


Girls would be discouraged from playing with dolls so they wouldn’t think about babies. They would be encouraged to get out on the soccer field instead.

Guns would be eliminated almost entirely and the few that were allowed to have them for hunting would have to check them out from officials.

They already could cure over 98% of all cancers – they had the cures at the Rockefeller Institute. But they would not be released because there were too many people in the world and they had to die of something.

Homosexuality will be encouraged – anything goes.

Families will diminish in importance. People would be encouraged to live alone.

Euthanasia will be encouraged – they will use “the demise pill” to kill themselves.

Births will be strictly controlled and you could not simply have children because you wanted them.

“stupid” people would not eat correctly and exercise so they would die much earlier and that’s what they wanted.

Private doctors will be eliminated – doctors make too much money.

They will make health care so expensive that you must have insurance or be financially destroyed. Limiting access to affordable medical care will make eliminating elderly easier. They would stop hospitals from giving any charity care.

New difficult to treat and diagnose diseases will come about as a means of population control.

Running shoes and sports equipment will be made glamorous to make the “smart” people get into exercise.

Romantic music will not be put out anymore. All the old music will be brought back on certain “oldies” radio stations and the young people will have their own radio stations. Old movies will be put again for the old people.

Entertainment will be used to mainly change and program the young people. The old people are important anyway so they don’t care much about them.

Entire meals will be made and put in grocery stores. Convenience foods will be made unhealthy. They wanted people that were too lazy to fix their own meals or exercise to die early.

They would make puberty come on earlier.

Inducing heart attacks as a means of assassination.

They will blend all religions but Christianity had to go especially! Once the Roman Catholic is brought down then the rest will go next. Then they will create a new religion.

They will change the Bible over time – churches would help them!

The education system will be restructured as a tool of indoctrination. Kids will spend more time in school but won’t learn anything. Kids will have to specialize early on in their education and changing their plans will be very difficult.

ID will be required for all travel. They will implant IDs inside the skin so that nobody could say they lost their IDs.

They will control who has access to information. Some books will just disappear or be changed. They will even have thieves steal certain books from the library.

Drug use will be encouraged to encourage a “Jungle” atmosphere. Meanwhile police enforcement to put people in prison for drugs will be drastically increased.

Food will be strictly controlled and people would be not allowed to grow their own. They only would give you enough food to give you what you needed but hoarding food or growing food would be criminal activities. They didn’t want anybody to be able to support those outside their system.

Travel will be first made cheaper to encourage people to spread out their families but then made very expensive so few people could afford it.

Crime will be increased as a way to control society.

More jails would be made and they would even use hospitals as jails.

America would lose her manufacturing base. Other countries would be making the products America was making now.

Sports would be used as a tool for social change – Soccer was being encouraged since it was a global game. They wanted to do away with anything like football and baseball that were created in the United States. National pride of any type would be discouraged.

Sex and violence would be programmed through entertainment.

All television sets would have secret cameras that would watch everybody in the room.

They would implant IDs in everybody.

They would control what was in our food.

They already controlled the weather. They would stop rain in certain areas to bring them under their control. They would make rain during harvest to make it harder to get the food from the fields.

There were always two reasons for all their actions. The public reason they give everybody and the REAL reason.

People don’t ask the right questions – they are too trusting.

Scientific research would be falsified to push their agendas.

Terrorism would be used to control the people.

Home ownership will be a thing of the past.

The new system would be either be brought by peaceful means if possible or by bringing the nation to the brink of nuclear war. People would give up their national sovereignty to keep the peace.

If too many people resisted their plans, there might be a need to use one, two or more nuclear weapons to show that “we mean business”.

War was justified as a way to control the population. They were happy that World Wars had killed millions so they couldn’t keep having babies. But now with nuclear weapons they would not allow wars to be fought with nuclear weapons on a wide scale.

Americans have had it too good so nuclear terrorism might need to be used in order to implement the new world order system.

Inflation is a tool of control. Money would be turned into credit. Cash would be done away with. People would carry money only for small items such as chewing gun. All else is done electronically. They would ultimately have a single bank system but might appear as several banks.

All purchases would be tracked. If you bought too much of an item or a particular item, an official would be alerted to investigate. The ability to save would be curtailed so they would not be able to accumulate wealth. Wealth in the hands of the people is not good for those in charge.

If you saved too much, your pay would be cut in the future so you could not accumulate any wealth.

Credit would be encouraged so people would get in debt and get in trouble so authorities could come down hard on them.

Eventually there would only be one credit card and then after that there would be a skin implant located in your right hand or your forehead. He was told to not worry about what the Bible said about this because this was just the logical place for the implant.

Implants would also be used for surveillance. Every citizen could be identified by their own signal through tooth fillings etc.

You’ll be watching television and somebody will be watching you at a central station. The TV could be off and still monitor you. They could tell what you are watching and how you are reacting to what you are watching. The signals for monitoring you will go down the cable for your Cable TV and telephone wires.

Audio monitors would also be used in other rooms. Any wires that come into the home will be used to monitor you such as telephone wires.

There would be service trucks everywhere putting in the monitoring equipment.

People that already owned houses would be allowed to keep them but young people would never be able to afford a home. Cost of homes would not come down even with all the empty houses. They would control the price of homes to turn more and more people into renters.

People would be assigned where they would live and they would assign non family members to live with you. That’s why the census asks how many bedrooms you have in the home.

When the new system comes out, they would be required to sign allegiance to it. There would be no room for people that would not sign their allegiance to the new system. They would be secretly taken to special places where they would not live very long. People will just disappear so they couldn’t be martyrs.

The new system will come in over a weekend in the winter. They would announce the new system was in place on a Monday. Everybody will have less leisure time after the new system was brought in so they couldn’t figure out what was going on.

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