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Support For A&E Boycott Four Times Higher Than Obamacare Enrollment

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Facebook “likes” for boycott six times higher than “likes” for Obamacare

Kit Daniels
December 19, 2013

The number of Facebook users supporting a boycott of television network A&E is currently four times higher than the number of Americans who have successfully signed up for Obamacare.

As of this writing, over 1.4 million people on various Facebook pages support a boycott of A&E after the network suspended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson for expressing his views on homosexualityin a recent interview with GQ.

Compare this to the official December Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment Report, which states that only 365,000 Americans have successfully signed up for an Obamacare insurance plan.

Support for Phil Robertson on Facebook is also six times higher than the “likes” for the official Facebook page for Healthcare.gov.

This is a testament to the power of individuals and their spontaneous free-market solutions which ultimately lead to prosperity as opposed to the economic ruin resulting from centralized planning.

Obamacare shares its centralized, socialist nature with the current chilling effect on free speech pushed by the establishment, particularly in response to Robertson’s comments.

As we reported yesterday, establishment media pundits are not just disagreeing with Robertson, but they are also trying to make an example of him in order to silence any future opposition to their agenda.

Instead of being tolerant of his opposing viewpoint, the talking heads on TV are saying that Robertson is engaging in “dangerous hate speech” which could potentially incite violence.

“He is not entitled to be on TV spouting hate,” said Democratic Party political pollster Bernard Whitman on Fox News.

It would appear that Whitman and the others do not support the First Amendment, which is hypocritical considering that they are engaging in free speech in order to respond to Robertson’s comments.

Apparently these pundits would support Soviet-style censorship of anything that “offends” them.


Jim crow laws / Prison industrial System 07/03 by 3rdeyeviZion | Blog Talk Radio


Wake Up Brothers and Sisters the time is now to stand up for our FREEDOM. Freedom of the mind, Freedom to have your own opinion without it being challenged. Freedom to write what you want without public scrutiny. Freedom to express your thoughts threw your creativity without limitations and censorship, To sum it up FREEDOM TO BE YOU! What happened to the days of Originality and Creativity.  As I write this we need to understand, We are not Free, Ask yourself what makes you free? Are Your free cause you can come and go as you wish?  The constitution states freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly and many more. Today if you Speak your mind are you free?  No!  the Controlled Press restructures your words to fit  what they call Propaganda. So at that point your freedom of press is eliminated, Freedom of assembly for Black men is called a gang even if it’s not one, it’s all part of what they call Corporate America, The constitution is ONLY for Continental United States Of America, which we no longer live in. So ask yourself Are you free? What do we have to obtain to become FREEMAN, NOT A STRAW MAN / DEBT SLAVE. What is the American Dream? To work for some company for 40 years and when your retire, if you don’t have a business Plan or a venture capitalist mind. You will have to get another job. So to narrow it down the American Dream is to become a entrepreneur. Control you and your Own financial Growth.  Ask yourself are you free? Is every man equal to the system?