The impotence of the false chruch

θεος ην ο λογος

This article originally appeared here at Grace to You.

by Jeremiah Johnson

Imagine you see a drowning man, and the life preserver in your hand is all that stands between him and certain death. You wouldn’t disguise the flotation device to resemble the water in which he was drowning. You wouldn’t openly question the efficacy of the life-preserver, or debate the relative merits of other floating objects. And you certainly wouldn’t try to convince him that he could manipulate the power of the life-preserver if he simply had enough faith.

Sadly, too many in the church today treat the life preserver of the gospel in similar, wrong-headed ways.

Lost in a sea of self-deception, self-righteousness, rebellion, lust, and all sorts of depravity, the world’s only hope is the transforming work of the Lord through His Spirit and Word. The church exists as God’s witness on earth, testifying to His…

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