People, this is no conspiracy. These are facts. The US government are working with the alien / demons to put them in a fleshly body. The greys the reptilians the humanoids the black eyed children. There all DEMONIC!!!!!!! They are just demons in a vessel made of flesh. And our stupid ignorant military, are working with them, to help create them bodies. WHY ? . Because the greys are giving our government advanced technology. And guess what ? Who do you think the US military is going to use that technology on. ? YOU!!!!!!!!!! And probably right after marshal law is put in place. OMG!!! Hitler had a working flying saucer in 1934. Can you imagine what they have got now. Hitler and his SS were helped by the alien greys. But all that information was never written down publicly because the Rockefellers paid for the rights, to record the word war 2 conflict. And they forgot to tell you about some of the most important stuff.

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