ITANIMULLI? Say that five times fast.

The Watch Hour

Ok….so here is a crazy one that has apparently been around for awhile but I just got hip to this recently. First, is everyone familiar with the Illuminati and the concept behind this therory? If not, here is a short video with a brief explanation of what it is all about:

So that is the Illuminati. Now, a lot of people also think that the government is not ran by our Commander in Chief, but is actually ran by a group of “elites” that come from various industries across the world.

“Poppycock!”, you scream. “This is outrageous!!”. Calm down….Calm down.  I have something weird that may show you how the two tie together after all. All I ask is that you view this with an open mind. Like I always say, it’s up to you to do the research and make your own decision.

Here is the scoop. And you…

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