Hollyweird Part 2: A Wake Up Call (Explicit Content Ahead)

Girl, Hand me My Sandwich Board

The videos I’m about to post are from one of the most compelling content creators on YouTube when it comes to the illuminati.  They are also some of the most explicit and shocking videos about the subject of Hollywood that I’ve come across.  The people speaking are common sources for Black Child, and aside from their convincing delivery, there’s not much more I know about their credibility as a witness to any of this, unlike the previous.  Like anyone else, I take this with a grain of salt…but please know that I do indeed take it, and there is plenty of material to support these claims.  The lack of it supports it all the more sometimes– the supposed dangerous nature of conspiracy, I know.  Moreover, it’s hard to imagine someone making this up in order to mislead, because it corroborates the insiders’ stories in that it goes beyond mere slander.  It powerfully shatters…

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