Why We Have The Country We Have…

The Highwayman

it’s pretty simple, really

One commenter sums it up nicely: ” All parents of children in public schools should file class action lawsuits against their respective counties demanding their property tax money back. That’s what pays for these “Schools”. And we wonder why our nations greatest export is stupid people. Ever see poor kids in Africa when they get the chance to go to school? See how they act? They are grateful to be getting educated. Our kids are nothing more than brats lit up on prescription drugs with stupid helicopter parent (s)”

The powers that be consider us sheep to be herded and culled.  I’d say that’s a gross overestimation of our present condition.  Things can only get worse in a society that can’t criticize or call injustice what it is for fear of reprisal from politically correct numbskulls.  These future deadheads can thank the Illuminati and…

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