Why I’m Marching: Anonymous

Families For Justice

Can we talk?

It’s about race. I know, right? Yuck. It’s something most people are not particularly comfortable discussing. Fifty years after the “I Have a Dream Speech”, we’d like to think that everyone is treated equally. When I bring up the subject of race and my African American children to my white friends, the response I geCt is usually along the lines of, “We don’t see them (my children) as African American. We see them as just W. and T.”   While I appreciate the sentiment, the fact is that the world will not see them that way.  Let’s be honest, when you see an African American male approaching, do you – without even meaning to – hold your purse a little tighter? When you pull up to a traffic light next to an African American male driving a nice car, what is your reaction? Now pull up to a…

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