Congress’ Sellout Of The American People.


Posted on December 16, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

(Originally posted on – An article written by Norman Pollack)



December 15, 2014

Political Counterrevolution

Gluttony of American Finance


Query: Can you have a counterrevolution without a revolution? In logic, perhaps not; in America, now illustrated by the pending $1.1tr Appropriations legislation, emphatically yes. The pressure is on, and to focus exclusively on Republican opportunism (lateness, threat of government shutdown, blackmail) is to misread and misjudge the wider forces at work: the financialization of American capitalism, Democratic party’s equal complicity in serving and advancing banking interests, the ever-Rightward progression of the political-ideological spectrum on bipartisan lines, and, in this case, confirmation of the acceleration of ruling groups’ dominance as if a one-way street. Yes, the crippling of Dodd-Frank by again freeing-up derivatives trading, government obligingly backing-up this species of big-time gambling with depositors’ monies through bailout-guarantees should the…

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