A Short History of the United States


A short history of the United States:

Wealthy white Europeans take land from Natives, kill practically all of them.

Wealthy white Europeans create democracy and corporations in order to control the economy and environment.

Wealthy white Europeans decide that slavery is bad, but Negros are still no good (for anything other than work).

Wealthy white Europeans chant, “Let freedom ring.”

After a while,

Women realize that men are domineering assholes who think only with their dicks (most often true).

Laborers realize that the Wealthy white Europeans are seldom fair or sympathetic to their needs.

Blacks realize that the Wealthy white Europeans have no intention of letting them out from under their boot.

Children of the Wealthy white Europeans realize that their parents are terribly boring and LSD is a lot of fun.

Fed up with realizations,

the Wealthy White Europeans put Ronald Reagan in charge and commenced their final attempt…

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