China’s chance to get history right



Even as Obama meets Xi at APEC, ever more advice has been published, most recently from Yale Law professor and respected China expert, Paul Gewritz.
As we said on twitter, this piece comes ever closer to truth. Paul’s heart seems to be in the right place, but he misses on a couple of key points:

  1. The world has always been and will remain a complex place, full of contradictions and perplexing choices. Yet it is our stand that brings clarity and stability in a murky and shifting landscape. These United States, no matter the flaws, are a free society built on rule of law. America, no matter the endless gripes, is still looked to as the beating heart of a can-do spirit and a do-good intent. So, Obama’s goal shouldn’t be to “get China right” or wrong. As the leader of the free world, Obama should leave no doubt as to our stand or the…

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