Read: The Edward Snowden ” Solar Flare Killshot” Hoax

August 8, 2013

The Internet is ablaze with yet another baseless conspiracy theory that only serves to distract from real cover-ups and issues of genuine significance – the hoax that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden recently warned of a “solar flare killshot’ set to wipe out hundreds of millions of people in September.

Image: Edward Snowden

According to the original article, “Edward Snowden, hacker-fugitive and former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, revealed Tuesday that a series of solar flares is set to occur in September, killing hundreds of millions of people. Documents provided by Snowden prove that, as of 14 years ago, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) remote viewers knew that the event was inevitable. Ever since, the world’s governments have quietly been trying to prepare for the sweeping global famine to result.”

The story has since gone viral, appearing on countless forums and websites and attracting thousands upon thousands of comments.

Like all popular hoaxes, the story has a thin veneer of authenticity. The sun is set to exhibit some strange behavior as a result of a magnetic field flip that occurs around once every 11 years. This will cause a “feverish” peak in solar activity, leading to more solar flares and coronal mass ejections, potentially disrupting satellites and power grids on earth but not leading to the slaughter of hundreds of millions of people.

Given that there are so many actual cover-ups, scandals and issues of real significance that we could be concentrating on, it’s really quite disappointing that so many people have wasted their energy on something that is so transparently false. The hoax also serves to distract from Snowden’s authentic revelations about NSA surveillance.

The source of the story can be traced back to ‘The Internet Chronicle’, which if you read the site’s ‘about’ page is clearly a satirical website which disseminates false and overtly ludicrous stories.

The website jokes that it originated, “After crash landing in an asteroid December 30th, 1976, the alien husks of Chronicle editors rapidly adapted to Earth climates and bacterial flora. They are able to survive naturally in the wild and reproduce freely.”

“Receiving tweets twice daily via fax from religious advisers impregnates our right-wing furnace of hate, enabling us to bring you the most horrifyingly sensational headlines you’ve ever seen, or your money back – guaranteed!” states the website.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you that the website is a hoax, just take a look at the other headlines featured on the front page, many of which are based on bizarre manufactured stories involving Edward Snowden.

– Vatican Forces Storm Dome of the Rock, Pope names Snowden Messiah

– Edward Snowden killed by drone strike on Ecuadorian embassy

– Snowden Reveals Second Shooter in Zimmerman Case

– Snowden Granted Sainthood

– NSA Whistleblower Ed Snowden: Saddam Hussein did WTC 7

– Obama Pardons Edward Snowden

Other hoax stories appear with headlines like ‘Paula Deen commits suicide at 66′ and ‘Wendy’s unveils new hacker theme for restaurants’.

The gullibility of thousands upon thousands of people in falling for such a patent hoax because they didn’t spend 30 seconds checking the source only provides the mainstream media with more ammunition to shoot down very real cover-ups and conspiracies, such as the death of Michael Hastings, by lumping in genuine issues with baseless conspiracy theories such as the Edward Snowden ‘solar killshot’ hoax.

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